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When choosing a new phone system, buyers are increasingly turning to hosted systems, which offer many advantages over traditional hardware. Here we give you 10 things to take into consideration when choosing a new hosted telephone system. 
The market for business phone systems means that your company can benefit from a telephone system chosen to meet your needs and enhance your productivity; as much as possible, it can be tailored to you specifically. From hosted to on-premise phone systems, it's important to make the right decision based on your companies set-up. 
It feels like Christmas was about 6 months ago and we are all back in the business working hard and looking at the year ahead. We are excited about all the stuff we are going to blog about this year, information that will keep you up to date with the latest advances in the telecoms industry. 
I wanted to start this years blog by taking time to tell you more about DCS, the people that make us a great company to work with and give you more of an insight into the products and services that we can provide to you. Tools that will help your business run efficiently, improve customer service and deliver you a return on investment. 
Your company probably already has a disaster recovery plan for your IT services but have you thought about the implications to your business if your phone system is effected. In this months blog we will show you how to build a disaster recovery plan for your voice services so that your customer can always reach you. 
In this months blog we will show you how to build a disaster recovery plan for your voice services so that your customer can always reach you. Read More 
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Often business owners think that Call Recording is something that is used in a Call Centre with hundreds of agents handling hundreds of calls, but this really isn't the case. Call Recording brings so much value to a business, regardless of size, there are lots of benefits and it is actually very affordable. This months blog will explain what Call Recording is, how it would benefit your business and how you go about implementing it. 
Many businesses are enabling employees to work remotely and this is on the increase as the benefits of remote working are starting to be realised. In this month's blog we will be looking at what remote working is, the benefits and best practices of remote working and some advice on what technology you need to put in place to make it work. With more than 4 million people working from home maybe it is something for you to consider. 
The workplace has changed over the last 10 years, the way that we do business has changed, the way we communicate with our customers has changed and because of this technology has had to adapt to support this evolution in the way we now work. Here we look at how Unified Communications can help make your business more responsive and agile. 
There is a lot of talk about 'The Cloud' and sometimes it can be a challenge for a business to understand the benefits of putting their communications into the cloud. This blog will explain to you what Cloud Telephony is and what the benefits are for your business . 
Last year BT announced that they will be switching off their ISDN network within the next 10 years. If you are currently using ISDN then this will have an impact on your business. But don't panic - this article will explain how you can prepare for this switch off and what options are available to you. 
The world of telecoms is full of acronyms and buzzwords that often don't mean anything to an individual outside of the telecoms industry. So, at DCS Voice & Vision we thought we would take a moment to explain what some of these technical terms mean. Maybe you are about to review your current telephone system and will be talking to some providers about the solutions that they offer. This guide will help you have a better understanding of the terms you will be hearing. 
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